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We have activated the Fediverse for our blog posts here. They appear in Mastodon as @poster (e.g. on they show as if you’re on another Fediverse instance & nobody else has followed us there yet, they probably won’t be on that instance. You can help us by following us. Boosting a few posts helps too.

To add posts about your gigs here,

  • Obtain our private email address, message us on Facebook with a few words about your gig for it.
  • Email us your post:
    • (Optional) A 16×9 banner, preferably 1920×1080
    • Alt text for the banner
    • Your post. Maximum 500 characters (Some Mastodon servers won’t accept longer posts)
    • Don’t forget to include the URL for your event listing (FB or ticketing site)

This is posted using ActivityPub, a WordPress plugin, which seems to lack the ability to mark sensitive content. Please don’t be graphic in either your text or images.

We check social media at least once a day, so if you tag us or make us co-host & we don’t share within 48 hours sing out.

We reserve the right to decline any posts at our absolute discretion. We publish a partial list of events we don’t list in our FAQ.