What don’t you list

Category: Rationale

This is our site & we decide at our absolute discretion what to list. We generally stick to these guidelines.

Our target is to help connect potential audiences with live, in person comedy (and comedy adjacent) events in Auckland. We don’t list things that fall outside this definition.

The reason for this is that this is what we wish to promote and we had to set the limits somewhere to prevent the shows we wish to promote being lost in the crowd. Here’s why we won’t list things outside this definition.

  • Recorded Audio or Video: There are a huge number of recordings of video on the internet that sit there for years, if you want recorded video go to YouTube or its competitors. We only wish to promote shows here where the cast is doing the comedy in real time.
  • Live streams: Again there are a lot of these & in person shows would get lost. If an in-person event in Auckland is to be live streamed we would still consider the event on its merits as an in person event & if accepted we would have no objection to providing details of the simulcast.
  • Outside Auckland: This is one of the more difficult things. We don’t see much value in listing all New Zealand comedy events but even Auckland is a huge region. Is a listing of an event in Wellsford much use to a person in Pukekohe, 125 km away? Then consider it’s only 15 km from Pukekohe to an event we wouldn’t list in Pokeno or Mercer a mere 20 km away as they are in the Waikato. In the end we had to decide which areas we wish to cover. We might try introducing area based tags if there’s sufficient demand.

We also don’t list courses and similar aimed at comedians. The reason is that we are here to communicate to potential audiences and prefer not to dilute our message. There are other ways to reach comedians.

Finally, we may decide to “rate limit” individual shows or producers if we subjectively decide we are seeing too many posts. Some services are easier than others to share content so we will be more hardline on services that require more work.