Why does this site exist?

Category: Rationale

We (Tessa & Julia Clement) noticed that it was very difficult to get a list of upcoming live, in person, comedy events in Auckland.

Most venues list their own events, almost all producers list their own events, each ticketing service lists their own but nobody was providing a place to list everything.

We are producers & performers of live comedy. We dabbled with Zoom during the first lockdown, but our true love is being there in the room, or on the lawn, with the performer.

We started in September 2019, with a Facebook page where we offer to add Facebook events for live, in person, comedy events in Auckland our original way of being notified. Other social media soon had accounts created which remained largely dormant until early 2024. We created this website in 2022.

With WordPress now having integration into the Fediverse, we can make posts here that propagate to Mastodon which gives it a second purpose.